Patient Safety

Vizient’s patient safety solutions and risk management tools are the most rigorous and thorough in the industry. We offer a range of integrated patient safety components to help you improve patient safety, manage risk, and reduce operational costs.

Leverage these resources to manage and monitor claims, conduct mortality reviews, and intervene in specific events. You can also explore expert research and leading practices, access discovery and reporting tools, and use our robust safety evaluation system.

Vizient Patient Safety Software

Vizient has a better way to manage patient care, safety, and satisfaction.

Powered by Datix, the global leader in patient safety software, our robust solution simplifies health care risk management for even the most complex organizations. Vizient’s solution offers cloud hosting to deliver industry-leading technology while reducing staff and infrastructure costs, and crucial components including:

  • Event reporting: Improved reporting and risk ownership through investigation and cause analysis
  • Mortality reviews: Enhanced process control and accountability
  • Claims management: Streamlined, state-specific workflows from notification to trial or settlement
  • Patient feedback: Clear management of input, grievances, and responses
  • Risk register: Managed risk-related factors, action plans, and measurements
  • Safety alerts: Expedited distribution of time-sensitive, critical information
  • Accreditation: Compliance with national, local, and internal standards
  • Hotspots: Automatic safety issue detection across the organization

Vizient Applied Learning

Measurable safety results are critical in health care. Vizient’s Applied Learning program delivers accurate, timely research on specific quality and patient safety topics.

The program pairs extensive, relevant data on patient safety with insights from participating institutions. We combine these sources to create expert research studies that reveal new safety findings, performance comparisons, and opportunities for improvement.

Vizient Patient Safety Organization

The Vizient PSO offers a compelling suite of safety-related tools and insights featuring:

  • Leading-practice guidance for patient safety evaluations, work product, and legal protections
  • The Network of Patient Safety Databases
  • Custom PSO applications and solutions
  • Patient Safety Insights
  • The Vizient PSO Annual Meeting
  • Quarterly webinars on PSO-specific topics
  • Governance support for quality and patient safety


  • Vizient Patient Safety Software
  • Vizient Applied Learning
  • Vizient Patient Safety Organization (PSO)