Accreditation Services

For hospitals and clinics, the pressure is constant. To comply with accreditation requirements. To keep up with regulatory changes. To manage the uncertainty of unannounced surveys.

But the goal is clear: To be ready for every patient every time.

At Vizient, we provide services and resources that help you stay on top of changes and challenges in health care accreditation and regulation. And this is all available to you as Vizient members.

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Education and resources

Are you new to accreditation? Or are you a seasoned accreditation professional or operational manager? We have an educational program for you.

Our programs provide education and tools for academic medical centers, community hospitals, and ambulatory care settings. They focus on the Conditions of Participation developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. They also highlight requirements unique to certain voluntary accrediting organizations. All programs offer continuing education credit. Other specialty education programs are available to members periodically, and custom education can be requested.

Benefits of Vizient accreditation education and resources

  • Access to trusted advisors including nurses, physicians and certified healthcare management professionals with years of experience.
  • Timely accreditation and regulatory information in the form of resources, tools and communications to attain success the first time around.
  • Opportunity to network with other member as well as content experts to tackle problematic compliance issues.


Learn from our accreditation services team with more than 40 years of combined experience in healthcare clinical and operations experience, as well as subject-matter experts from accreditation organizations and our members themselves

Webinar series

Fundamental accreditation review webinar series

This series consists of regulatory and accreditation topics focused on the CMS Conditions of Participation for Hospitals and accreditation functions. Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals including the intent and expectations for compliance during each of these programs. Each program will also offer a tool or resource that participants can use to strengthen their knowledge and assessment skills in order to maintain continuous accountability, readiness, and reliability.

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Advanced accreditation webinar series

This series will be dedicated to some of the more complex and problematic regulatory topics that have presented challenges to members. The goal of these programs will be to present the requirements as well as successful strategies that have been implemented in both the academic medical center setting, community hospital and ambulatory setting as applicable.

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Accreditation Professional Orientation Certificate Program

This program connects new accreditation professionals to the knowledge and tools that will keep your hospital continuously ready for patients and unannounced regulatory/accreditation visits. Led by Vizient and member experts, this comprehensive orientation program begins with an in-person session in Chicago on March 1-2, 2017, followed by four monthly webinars.

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Improvement Tools and Resources

Vizient provides members with a collection of current resources, tools, guidelines, checklists which can be used to assess compliance as well as assist them in developing and implementing strategies and solutions to support continuous patient readiness.

Continuous accreditation compliance services

Continuous patient readiness

Our trusted advisers — including nurses, physicians, and certified facilities management professionals — can help you assess, build, and maintain a continuous patient readiness program.

Services available:

  • Before the survey—compliance assessments, a survey insight tool, and reports on requirements for improvement or deficiency trends
  • During the survey—focused issue resolution with strategy and coaching support
  • After the survey—development of corrective action and monitoring plans, with deficiency clarification and correction coaching and adverse decision support

Vizient was tremendously helpful as a partner when we were preparing for the survey, but also now, by hardwiring all these practices so that we’re just in a constant state of preparedness, not something we have to think about every three years.

Peter Diestel
Chief operating officer, Valley Health

Three-Year Continuous Accreditation Compliance Services Packages

All packages, starting with our base level, include:

Presurvey services:

  • A library of survey questions that can be used to conduct risk assessments and tracers
  • Quarterly aggregated deficiency reports
  • Quarterly aggregated FAQs and standards interpretation responses

Intra Survey Services:

  • Teleconference survey support

Postsurvey services:

  • Adverse decision support
  • Coaching and solution strategies to help you address requests for improvement and deficiencies

Higher service levels include additional presurvey support, which includes a mock survey, and intrasurvey support — i.e., coaching and strategizing during the actual Joint Commission survey.

Enrollment requires member submission of survey tracer questions and final survey report.


Share best practices with your accreditation peers across the country. Vizient provides an opportunity to network with accreditation professionals, both in-person and virtually.  You can share experiences, collaborate on improvement strategies, and discuss accreditation and regulatory standards and the survey process.

Networking opportunities

  • Annual accreditation conferences and updates
  • Accreditation listservs
  • Quarterly networking calls
  • Relationship development and mentoring
  • Networking calls – national and local

Creating a brighter future

Networking opportunities

Accreditation listserv

Vizient provides an opportunity for accreditation professionals to stay connected with their peers virtually. The accreditation listserv allows members to query the group and gather feedback and best practices from those who have faced similar issues. The listserv is moderated by our accreditation education team to ensure that information exchanged is professional and accurate.  The content and questions shared also contribute to future education programs allowing a continued focus on issues that are important to our members.

Accreditation annual conferences

Join your peers at our two-day accreditation conference available to all Vizient members. The conference focuses on accreditation updates and issues and provides opportunities to network with other accreditation professionals.