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Curt Nonomaque
President and CEO, Vizient

New technology drives community conversation

Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) has long maximized its Vizient connections to get a jump on new technologies that maximize patient care. The IONSYS® fentanyl delivery system, only in place a short time, has increased patient comfort levels and is saving nurses invaluable time. And it has the community — and area surgeons — talking.

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50 to 25

“If we could decrease our number of [older patient-controlled analgesia] pumps from 50 to 25, that means significant purchase savings…” - Randy Gerwitz, Director of Pharmaceutical Services

A proactive self-pay approach rains down benefits

Numerous challenges left Health First less able to adequately collect on self-pay patients. But Vizient-contracted supplier HBCS gave them new direction, implementing a proactive approach that increased patient satisfaction and captured more revenue even on its decreasing volume of self-pay patients.

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Despite a 12 percent lower self-pay patient volume, Health First increased self-pay collections by 35 percent using the HBCS Self-pay Customer Service solution.

Cost savings through collaboration

A large health care system was concerned with the escalating costs of two physician preference items: spinal implants and total joints. Vizient helped system leaders engage physicians in the contract process by presenting powerful benchmarking data showing utilization and outcomes. Physicians clearly saw the need for change, leading to new contracts and significant savings for the system.

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Through better data and engagement with physicians, one health care system saved $2.15 million on physician preference items.

Better nurses, better care

Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics in east Texas implemented the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ to reduce turnover rates and to promote stronger commitment to the nursing profession and the organization among its new graduate nurses. The program resulted in a decrease in turnover from 28 percent to 18 percent in just 18 months and has gotten high marks from program graduates.

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The Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program helped Trinity Mother Frances achieve a 10-percentage-point decrease in nurse turnover rates in less than two years.

Strengthen your market position

Supply chain leaders at independent Aultman Hospital knew that they needed better data and analytics to be able to retain market share and not lose patients to the formidable competitors in the Canton, Ohio, health care market. They also needed the comparative data that would persuade their physicians to back them up when they negotiated prices with suppliers. Enter Vizient PriceLYNX™.

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Aultman Hospital used Vizient PriceLYNX data to convince both physicians and suppliers that they needed better prices on cardiac rhythm management devices — and saved more than $700,000 a year.

Mortality performance, improved

Physician leaders in the UCLA department of neurosurgery suspected that their mortality ratio did not appropriately reflect the quality of care provided by the service line. With help from our analytics and expertise, the department improved risk-adjusted mortality by engaging leaders and clinicians.

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UCLA ranked 17th of 112 academic medical centers in Vizient’s risk-adjusted mortality for neurosurgery in first quarter 2014, moving up from the bottom quarter of hospital peers in early 2012.

Aggressive savings, better relationships

DCH Health System, facing the potential for significant revenue reductions, set a highly ambitious savings goal of $5 million per year. Working with Vizient data and consultants, the DCH team not only surpassed the goal by nearly $1 million, they also built new relationships with both suppliers and physicians that will provide ongoing opportunities for savings.

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Using Vizient’s analytics and expertise, DCH exceeded its already-aggressive annual savings goal by nearly 20%—and expects the wins to keep coming.

Ensuring a strong, low-risk 340B program

Leaders at Gwinnett Health System wanted to make sure its 340B program was as robust as it could be. Given the complexity of 340B regulations, they knew they needed expert guidance. Vizient’s 340B Program Assessment, which includes an end-to-end program evaluation, helped pharmacy leaders get their program audit-ready and ensure that it is both strong and sustainable.

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Through Vizient’s 340B Program Assessment, Gwinnett Health System was able to immediately lower its $40 million annual drug spend by $1.5 million—and expects greater savings to come.

Supply costs, reduced

For Allina Health, expanding its hospital and clinic network meant caring for more people in Minnesota — which meant increasing demands on the centralized supply chain function. Using two of our innovative business intelligence tools, Allina Health transformed everyday supply chain operations and realized millions in savings.

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Vizient PriceLYNX and Vizient DataLYNX help Allina Health deliver at least $10 million of new net savings per year.

Performance improvement, redefined

When Western Connecticut Health Network needed to find more significant savings while continuing to improve quality, our analytics capabilities helped them discover untapped opportunities in the complex areas of utilization, clinical operations and purchased services.

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Western Connecticut Health Network saved $5.8 million in 15 months—exceeding its original $5 million goal—and they have a projected savings of more than $16 million over the next four to five years.

Cost savings, realized

Arkansas Children’s Hospital set out to save $250,000 in one year. After three months of using our supply chain data intelligence and predictive performance, they realized $1.3 million in annual savings.

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Annual savings target of $250,000 more than quadrupled after three months of using Vizient’s supply chain data intelligence and predictive performance.

Performance gains, unleashed

INTEGRIS Health wanted to reduce cost for supplies and services and to better integrate physicians into its health system. Using Vizient’s robust process redesign and data analysis capabilities, INTEGRIS Health saved $15 million in 12 months—far exceeding the original goal of $12.5 million—while providing a successful physician integration program.

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To ensure $12.5 million in savings could be sustained, Vizient helped INTEGRIS Health design, implement and optimize a single supply chain operation across their entire system.